Tatjana Krizmanic

Tatjana Krizmanic is known for her brilliant pastel drawings and oil paintings, which depict ordinary life with a distinctly European sensibility. Krizmanic’s work is marked by a warm cheerfulness, where bright colors and swirling perspectives make everyday settings come alive, such as a trip to the farmers’ market or morning coffee. Surreal and inventive, her work recalls Chagall, Matisse, Klimt, Picasso – influences she grew up with.

Born in Zagreb, Tatjana started painting at age fourteen. After studying at the University of Zagreb, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she completed her studies at Georgetown University. Over the next ten years she created paintings for friends and patrons, while working as an art director.

Since her first exhibit in Boulder, Colorado, she has built a strong following, and her paintings reside in numerous private collections and museums. Her work is shown in galleries in United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. Krizmanic divides her time between her home on the Adriatic coast of Croatia and New York City.

A character of Tatjana’s work, whether figurative, abstract, or realist, is her inventiveness. Tatjana approaches new media, new subject matter, and new styles with a fearless trust in her creativity. That lack of timidity produces bold colors and confident compositions where the intention is to express mood, scene, the tonality of light and play of color. Thematic concerns and repetitive studies are less common in her work; instead a responsiveness to the world and life and an urge or yearning to express the human reaction to life comes forth boldly, playfully, and with a large dose of appreciation.

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