Annie Wildey

Annie draws her inspiration from the coastal landscape where she lives in Mystic, Connecticut and on her travels and art residencies in the US and Europe.

In her current work, Annie celebrates the sea, sun, wind and moon. An intoxicating combination of elements that can nourish, nurture and surprise us in both dramatic and quiet ways. While Mother Nature puts on a spectacular display of beauty at sunset, the sun can also sparkle like jewels on the ocean. In the next moment glistening beads of water explode into the air as the wind catches the surf. The moon on the other hand has a serene like presence, quietly waiting for you to take notice as it peeks above the horizon without much fanfare, and it bids the night good bye in an early morning sky as the waves gently lap on the shore.

Annie brings these experiences into the studio, interpreting the sights, smells, feelings, of being at the shore with the energy, and movement of the ocean. Her process is fluid, moving between freedom and control, accident and intention. Exploring gesture and mark-making making while pushing and pulling paint around the canvas to translate her visual and emotional experiences.

Annie received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2008 and was awarded their one-year post-graduate fellowship. After which she was awarded an artist residency in Orient Long Island for two consecutive years. While Annie’s primary practice is painting she is also an accomplished printmaker and has assisted master printmaker Dan Welden at workshops throughout the Northeast including Haystack School of Crafts, Provincetown Art Center, Montserrat College of Art, and The Omega Institute.

An award-winning artist, Annie and has exhibited in museums and galleries nationally and internationally in the UK and China. Her work has also been included in special exhibitions curated by Eric Fishl, and in exhibitions alongside renowned international artists such as April Gornik, Tula Telfair, and Alyssa Monks.

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