Mary Scrimgeour

A market in the South of France, a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico and a desert sojourn are all part of a newly defined narrative for artist Mary Scrimgeour. Recently as a result of taking a self-imposed sabbatical from painting full time in a quest for redefinition of her painting career she has spent the last three years traveling, writing and studying art in pursuit of a deeper perhaps more authentic level of her creativity.

Embracing a minimalist philosophy she chose to sell everything that she owned except for a few necessary things and set out in search of a new perspective and new experiences. Often exchanging paintings for lodging, she met new people along the way and reconnected with old friends relying on maps and her intuition to guide her; all which brought her to a new relationship and her current residency in Minnesota.

These new experiences have led her to a refreshed and reinvigorated new approach to her work that has evolved into designing and writing illustrated books as well as painting. It is one that embraces her minimalist philosophy, draws from an accumulation of her life’s experiences and observations and fills her growing need to express her ideas not only in a visual way but a verbal way as well.

Mary is a self-taught artist whose work is collected nationally as well as internationally.

Selected Collections
  • Long Beach Museum of Modern Art, Long Beach, CA
  • Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” Denver office,
  • Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO,
  • Armstrong Oil and Gas, Denver, CO,
  • Centennial Airport, and Xjet in Denver, CO,
  • Barkley Advertising, Kansas City, MO.
  • Mas de las Perdrix, Luberon Valley, France
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