By - Janine Robertson


Oil on Aluminum

Most of my pieces are inspired by marshes and shorelines throughout new England. They're created through photos and imagination. I have a huge library of reference photos from pics I've taken at all times of day. Barn Island, Fenwick, Hammonasset State Park, Sherwood Island, Cape Cod and all sorts of spots in between have been great inspiration. The photos often spark an idea but I prefer to 'follow the paint' to create a compelling composition. I'm often thinking about a kayakers view, distance and light. I may like the winding and twisting of a particular marsh but prefer to let the clouds happen organically as in Lingering I, Eventide and Blue Expanse. I love vibrant, dramatic color in skies and when I paint them, they often change and evolve as the organic process flows. When I painted 'Sway', I was thinking more about how the grasses gently and elegantly move direction as the wind shifts. The low angle view is a fun perspective which allows the viewer to be immersed in the painting. Sometimes I do a small plein air study and then later translate that to a larger piece once I've worked out the color and composition.

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14" x 18"
4 lbs
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