New Website, New Work, New Artists!

Welcome back to Curated! How are you all weathering this crazy storm? I hope you and your loved ones are all well, and maintaining sanity.
It has been a crazy few months, first with the close of Curated in Mystic mid-December and the subsequent move back to Boulder, Colorado. As of February, 2020, I wrestled with COVID myself. After 2+ months, my health returned only to face quarantine and the “new normal” we’re all dealing with. My online shopping is out of control, and I’m pretty sure I finished Netflix.  I am grateful for the big sigh of relief of the planet, for the quiet contemplative time, and for the good health of my loved ones. My heart goes out to all who have been impacted, and I am available to chat any time if you so desire. Axle is just grateful to be at my side 24/7. 
As for the BLM Movement, I’ve found some great resources I’d like to share. It was enlightening listening to Layla F. Saad’s workbook, which I highly recommend. There are many wonderful places to donate if you are able, I chose Reclaim the Block
Many of the beloved Curated artists have developed a new body of work for you to peruse. They’ve all been creating like mad during this time, and the work is astounding. A few new artists have joined the Curated tribe with fun, unique pieces.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing web development team out of NYC (Newbird LLC) to reinvent Curated as an online gallery - I hope you enjoy the new experience!  A fun feature on the new site is the VIRTUAL CURATOR. If you’re looking to enhance a room with art, or are simply ready to acquire more beauty, and are not certain which direction to go in, just email me a straight shot of the wall(s) begging for art and a couple of shots of the entire room. I will email your photo(s) back with carefully curated art in place for your consideration.
Curated will continue to explore and shine a light on exceptional contemporary art from around the globe for art lovers and discerning collectors. All comments and suggestions to enhance the online experience are encouraged.
Big hugs,
Pam & Axle
Sculpture by Todd Redmond