Tatjana Pivots from Croatia to Zoom

Just as the coronavirus pandemic did for so, so many people, it came and swept away my plans to teach a contemplative painting workshop on the island of Santa Katarina in Croatia this May. I love to each, so I wanted to find a way to offer people the cheerfulness of creativity and the relaxation provided by the practice of meditation. I decided to venture into the unknown and give a workshop on Zoom. With my i-phone rigged to a shower rod suspended between two light stands (so that I could show my work on a table) I forged ahead. The results were a complete success! A second workshop taught me even more about how to create an in-depth and almost tangible experience. The next workshop will be a pastel summer intensive in August. It will include meditation (with instruction), demonstration, studio class and solo work, followed by Q&A and discussion. We will start with introduction to materials and intuitive sketching, and training in letting our creative expression guide us in the opening of our potential.  The focus will be on developing basic pastel skills through still life, landscape and figure painting.

The workshop will include a studio class portion that will allow students to drop into the work and receive personal instruction from the Tatjana. This is a unique opportunity to learn from Tatjana and develop your own creative expression and insight.

Quotes from students:

“After participating in Tatjana’s previous workshop this past April I realized that having this concentrated work experience with watercolor is necessary to get me going in practice with the medium and art at all...”

— S.B. Louisville, KY

“I loved it .I was feeling tired so found it difficult and went through my usual art torture , but it was great and I would love to do regular classes and learn about faxes and also acrylics.”

— S.F. London, UK

“I was able to come to the demonstration part of it, where we also were instructed how to begin our painting. I found it really challenging to work with watercolors, but it was surprising and fun too. I loved the drawing exercises, giving us a certain amount of time and also working with looking at the object or the paper. Watching Tatjana paint, I could see how much skill it takes to work with this medium. I really appreciated the course. I would definitely recommend it. I hope I have a chance to do a full workshop in the future.

”— E.N. Crestone, CO

Here is also a shorty video from the first workshop that Sasha took https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAh2ReghXNU/?igshid=1fes815i74wiw

And a few photos - hope this is helpful :)

Love, Tatjana