Ojai Cottage

GOAL: Create a comfortable, artistic atmosphere with modern and functional bathrooms while maintaining the look and feel of the quintessential Ojai cottage.

SCOPE: Remodeling of the guest bath and reconfiguring the en-suite master to better utilize the space, adding closets and a beautiful, functional bathroom for two. All new paint & light fixtures.

Taking inspiration from the nearby beaches and honoring the owner’s love of the sea, the color palette chosen is bright white, a creamy white resembling the lightest of sand, and pale blue somewhere between the color of a calm CA sky and the sea. A combination of blue-green and bright white tiles are used in both baths.

With a serene backdrop, lots of textures are beautifully blended. Heavily carved antiques from India, rustic upholstered sofas and chairs, industrial iron and wood pieces, and distressed wooden tables.